Matthew Montoro

Mr. Matthew Montoro
Middle School Principal

I would like to welcome you to the middle school. Here at North Pocono, it is our mission to educate and challenge all students to their maximum potential and to prepare them for the demands of a global society. One of our goals at the middle school is to provide a challenging curriculum in a safe and supportive learning environment so that our students gain all of the essential knowledge and skills needed to move forward to high school.

Our administration, faculty and staff work tirelessly and are highly motivated and committed to educating and helping your child flourish as they work through our comprehensive curriculum, designed to open future pathways. Our faculty and staff work collaboratively with families to ensure that every student’s individual needs are supported academically, personally, socially and emotionally so they can meet the goals and objectives of a rigorous curriculum.

Please review the student handbook as it provides a brief summary of our school procedures, student expectations, grading policies, and other important information that will pertain to the middle school experience. I look forward to a productive partnership with you to ensure your child can achieve their highest potential. I recognize that in order to be successful in school, children need support from both home and school. This strong partnership will make the difference in your child’s education.

I look forward to working with you and your child as they progress through the middle school. The middle school years are truly a unique experience. I am proud of my teachers and the team concept here. Your child will develop leaps and bounds from sixth grade through eighth.

Matt Montoro
Middle School Principal

Middle School Office Staff

Maria Maglio

Clerical Aide

Jane McNulty

Clerical Aide

Matt Montoro


Linda Schneider


Joshua Watters

Assistant Principal